iOS Device Full Definition Images in Various Languages

Full definition screenshots of the Apple iOS mobile App, “Song Rhythm Tracks“,

are available from Flickr at

Metadata has not been applied to these files,  but each file follows the naming scheme, per this example

vi _ -iPad Pro (9.7-inch)-01-PlayerScreen_framed.png

vi_ country code (others are zh-Hans, zh-Hant, tr, sv, th, tr, ru, da, de-DE, el, en-US, es-ES, fi, fr-FR, id, it, ja, ko, ms, nl-NL, no, pt-BR, pt-PT, pt, vi )

-iPad Pro (9.7-inch) device – others are

-01-PlayerScreen the sequence number and name of the screenshot  – others are

_framed.png They are all _framed.png.

Finding the screen shot you need

Use the search facility on the Flickr page to find the file you need, for example, search for,

vi iPhone 04-SetListConfigScreen