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At Alive Drumming, we get excited about drumming – Real drumming by real drummers striking real drums. Our tracks are based on recordings of top studio drummers, sequenced and engineered by our smart technologies into complete, fully-arranged backing tracks specific to your song.

Welcome to Alive Drumming!

We are dedicated to bringing the very best rhythmic backing to the world, in it’s most convenient and inspiring form.

Song Rhythm Tracks are a new type of backing track composed entirely of a rhythmic backing (no melody or harmony) and arranged for a Song.
Do you want a rhythm track that fits a song and sounds alive without learning how to sequence drum loops and all that time-consuming programming? Simply select a rhythm and your song’s form, press ‘Save’ and you’ll receive a top-quality audio Song Rhythm Tracks arranged for your song every time.  Add it to your set list with a song name, for practice or performance. Make selection even easier by sharing song selections from within the app.

Finest Quality Audio Backing – These audio tracks are sequenced from the very best high-quality audio of real artist interpretations. They have been recorded and mastered at multiple tempos and the arrangement takes into account song sections, middle choruses, bridges, intros, and endings. Alive drumming keeps the energy flowing as Song Rhythm Tracks spells all this out;  You choose the number of choruses and length of any introductions and endings.

Check out sample audio on the Samples page.

Available now- Apple iOS app’ on the Apple App Store.

If you are interested in the backstory of Song Rhythm Tracks check out the post,   The Primacy of Rhythm in popular music and practice.

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