– Rhythm Tracks for your song.


What are they?

Song Rhythm Tracks (c) are production-ready, musician’s backing tracks arranged to a song’s form.  Use the Apple iOS mobile app to select, download and play these tracks.

What’s the idea of the App?

Here are three x 30 seconds previews of the iOS App using an iPhone 6. Similar previews are available using an iPhone X and an iPad Pro 12″.

1. Overview / iPhone 6

2. Setlist Features / iPhone6

3. Arrangement Options / iPhone 6

What makes them special?

  1. Great Recordings of Great DrummersSong Rhythm Tracks are arrangements of careful studio recordings of excellent drummers.  They are not constructed from midi files fitting together “samples” from single drum hits to form a mechanical style but rather multiple longer-form full recordings by top studio drummers, lasting up to 8 bars at a time where you hear subtle drum rolls, variations in ride cymbal taps, complex fills and more.  The rhythmic style comes from talented drummers that are very experienced in that particular style be it Reggae, Salsa, Bossa, Rumba, Tango, Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Celtic, Praise & Worship, Blues, and lots more!
  2. There is natural variety promoted over the repeats.  That is a number of recordings of, say, a fill or shot are taken and selectively chosen while sequencing and engineering the final audio.  This provides the natural variety one gets with drummers.  It helps prevent the drumming becoming monotonous and repetitive.
  3. The drummer is outlining many aspects of the song’s form as they play.  This might have a larger contributor than one might imagine.  It is what real drummers do, but drumming software rarely does.   The drumming is indicating
    • When you are returning to the ‘top of the form’ again
    • When your sections are ending and starting again
    • When you are starting or finishing a bridge section
    • Whether you are playing a middle section or, alternatively, the first or last sections.   This not only helps you keep place while you are playing but it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable to listen to or play along with.

All this takes a lot of careful preparation and curation, huge storage, and sophisticated algorithms.   We feel this cannot be achieved on mobile devices themselves which is why our solution involves cloud services working with the mobile App.

Where to get them?

Check out the Song Rhythm Tracks app on the Apple App Store.

What are Others saying about Song Rhythm Tracks?

Ron  – Reviewing our Song Rhythm Tracks App on facebook

This App is incredible. I totally underestimated how good it is. The quality of the backing tracks are truly professional – professional, talented drumming, professional audio, professional arrangements. Coupled with that, I’ve never had an App like this before where is works so well keeping all the tracks in a simple table and being able to organise them into lists. You can even play the entire list of tracks with one key press. Incredible. I still can’t get over that there isn’t anything else left to do. It just works great! There are 4 included “factory” tracks that are OK. The Jazz and Blues Sampler App has 23 decent one. These are good to evaluate the App but the real power comes with using it to arrange your own songs / tracks. There’s nothing simpler than this App. You won’t believe it. I’ve created some of my own arrangements with 10+ choruses which is how our group plays. I carry it around with me on my iPhone, and have it on an old iPad as well which is good for our jamming. Still works on the old iPad. No problem with speed. Just start with this App and then add any tracks you want later. There are 1000s of rhythms to choose from, and good ones too. There is nothing else out there anything like this App – it’s nothing like the silly MIDI *dumb* machines. It’s real quality, professional, and usable. Recommended.

Wendy  – Reviewing our Song Rhythm Tracks App on facebook

My experience is similar to the other poster. This App, at first glance seems bland and uninspiring, but its a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s the very essence of UNDERSTATEMENT – like Braun or B&O. No flashing lights. No gimmicks. Just GREAT DESIGN and a TOTAL RETHINK as regards USABILITY. The backing tracks are the best imaginable and ready in no time at all. They really do sound like a drummer is playing the ACTUAL SONG. I don’t know how they achieve that without knowing everything about the song. It’s uncanny.
I have tried other music generation programs for getting backing tracks, with very limited success. I always give up with them at the end because they take up so much of your time and don’t sound that inspirational anyway. It’s not like that with these Song Rhythm Tracks. 30 secs tops and they sound just great. No duds. The organisation and playing of tracks isn’t mentioned much but it’s brilliant, and so understated. You don’t need to use another player. The inbuilt player is a ‘musicians’ player – big buttons, quality speed variation which persists to your next play. Here’s another big thing that isn’t mentioned very much. You always can see the arrangement on the screen, so you know what you will be playing along to. And it’s in musician’s language which is just what you want. Great. Most of my tracks I haven’t had to arrange as I’ve found one using the inbuilt search feature. I’ve arranged a couple though and it was so easy. There really isn’t anything else like this. Super simply arranging. Great sound. Total Understatement. I just love it – even on my iPod Touch! I play a lot of Latin Rhythms and they have them all. And they sound so authentic. I totally recommend this App to people who care about music and sound and aren’t looking for a flashing-lights-toy, but rather something that will satisfy for the rest of your life. Real Quality is so rare, but it’s hear in this App and Service.

Ele  – Reviewing our Song Rhythm Tracks App on facebook

A MUSICIAN’S ARRANGER – That’s what I call this App. Why? Because the problem with everything else I’ve seen is that we musician’s use one language when we speak of our arrangements and the App always speaks another language. When you sit down with your buddy musos and someone calls a tune, what do you say? You might say let’s play this or that tune, and if you’ve all played it together before everyone will know how its arranged. But if its not a tune you’ve all played together before, what then? I expect the leader will call the tempo to be used – medium fast say and perhaps the feel also – Bossa or Reggae or whatever and whether there’ll be an intro or you go straight in from the top. You might agree the number of choruses then as well and perhaps the order of solos as well. Well, its that’s sort of language you want from your backing tracks as well. You want to know if there’s an intro and if so how long it is. You want to know the number of choruses, so you decide on the solos etc. and you’ll want to know about the tempo and the rhythmic style. That’s the sort of information you get with this App and it’s how you ‘arrange’ your tracks as well – in musician’s language – not in flashing lights and weird controls – just plain english musician’s arrangement language. As you scroll through the list of tracks, each track has its arrangement spelt out like that, for example – 8-bars intro, 6 choruses of 16-bar tune with a 4-bar ending using this rhythm at that tempo. That makes sense to musicians and is the sort of language that would be used between us as we jam. That’s why I call this App a ‘musicians’ arranger.

Eloa  – Reviewing our Song Rhythm Tracks App on facebook

LOVE THIS APP. Never seen anything like it. Drum machines don’t cut it, even ones with some good sounding rhythms. Nothing else works well end-to-end in providing rhythmic backing tracks to your song list. The closest thing I’ve seen to this App are the full sheet music and backing tracks Apps that are song based. You buy the sheet-music and backing music for a song. They are OK, a bit expensive and don’t always have your song, or the arrangement of your song that you’d like to use. They can be a bit clunky as well and the rhythms tend not to be very good. This App is so much better for me because (i) the rhythms are fantastic, (ii) it doesn’t matter if they don’t have your song, you can arrange it yourself, simply, and (iii) the tracks start cheap and get cheaper the more you use the App. Why? I’ve found I often use the same rhythms and song forms. When I select exactly the same configuration for a new song the App recognises it has that already and doesn’t download it again. It’s a different track in the App with a different title but the App knows it can use the same audio file. Smart. It also Performance Ready as far as the setlists and player go. So I just use this one App and it’s fast and reliable for me during performance. Totally recommend it.

How does one use the App?

Written User Guide

See this guide for a detailed written description of every step of using the iOS App.

Video Tutorials

For a detailed walkthrough of the Song Rhythm Tracks App (release 1.1), check out this 2:30 youtube video complete with a spoken description.

What is Song Form?

We consider a Song’s (musical) “form” to be simply the sequence of sections that are performed, where each section is identified by its length in bars and whether or not it’s a ‘bridge’.   Don’t be concerned if that appears complicated.   It really isn’t;  you’ll get the idea very quickly.   See this page for a definition and examples.

What does the App look like in action on an iPhone and iPad?

Here’s a 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features demonstrated on an iPad Pro.   No descriptions here just a view of the App in action.

Here’s the same 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features but demonstrated on an iPhone 6.


Here’s the same 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features but demonstrated on an iPad Air2




How does Wikipedia describe Song Rhythm Tracks?

Check out this Wikipedia page