A survey by the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) in 2021 found that 94% of Australian musicians use technology to create, record, and distribute their music.

“Technological tools have a positive impact on the creation of music. It has helped musicians to be more creative, efficient, and accessible. As technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it continues to shape the future of music.” says music enthusiast and small business loan provider Shane Perry of Max Funding. 

Alive Drumming recently introduced NetTracks, a groundbreaking app specifically designed for Apple Macs and iOS devices, redefining the world of rhythmic backing tracks for musicians. 

NetTracks elevates the musical experience for artists. 

1. Extensive Library Of Rhythmic Backing Tracks

Spending too much time on tasks like shopping for tracks, loading them onto mobile devices, and jotting down arrangement details is frustrating. NetTracks boasts an extensive library of professionally crafted rhythmic backing tracks. With various styles, tempos, and feels, musicians can find the perfect accompaniment to complement their creative vision. 

2. Real Drummer Performances

What sets NetTracks apart from traditional rhythm accompaniment tools is its authenticity. The app showcases the artistry of real drummers, each with their unique style and flair. These professional performances breathe life into the music, infusing it with a natural feel and groove that computer-generated beats cannot replicate. 

3. Arrangements Made Simple

NetTracks ensures that arrangements are always visible, providing musicians with essential details such as the length of introduction and outro sections and the number of repeats of the form. This clarity eliminates the need to keep track of such information separately, allowing artists to focus solely on their musical practice and performance.

4. Comprehensive Rhythm Descriptions

The app’s rhythm descriptions leave no room for ambiguity. Musicians can find essential information, including the beats-per-minute (BPM), ensuring a seamless integration of backing tracks into their compositions. This feature empowers artists to align their music precisely with the chosen backing track.

5. Setlist’s Musician Player

NetTracks offers a sophisticated Musician Player, allowing users to configure the volume, stereo balance, fade endings, and start-ups. This level of control enables musicians to tailor their performances, delivering captivating and polished live shows.

6. Seamless Integration With Apple Devices

NetTracks caters to a wide range of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Soon, it will also extend its support to Apple TV, providing a seamless experience across all platforms with just one low-cost universal subscription. This unified approach makes it incredibly convenient for musicians to access their tracks and settings on any Apple device. 

7. Low-Cost Universal Subscription

You can enjoy low monthly or yearly subscriptions and get an introductory month free with the annual plan. Unlock access to a world of backing tracks on your iPad with a membership offered after your first free 20 plays. 

Play With Backing Tracks And Elevate Your Musical Experience With Alive Drumming

NetTracks is a game-changer for musicians using Apple Macs and iOS devices. With its extensive library of drummer performances, seamless integration, and customisation options, the app revolutionises the world of rhythmic backing tracks. Embrace NetTracks today and experience the transformative power of rhythm at your fingertips! 

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