Receive top audio quality,  rhythm backing for songs.  Easily.  Quickly.  This drumming is alive, it’s audio quality is unsurpassed, as is the ease of selection and setlist creation with our mobile apps.

Our Mission

Alive Drumming aims to bring convenient, inexpensive, high-quality rhythmic backing to a generation of musicians covering all rhythms for all genres of popular music  – jazz, country, folk, latin, rock, pop, smooth jazz, soul, reggae, Celtic, blues, Bossa, waltz, cha-cha, hip-hop, disco, fusion, funk, mambo, tango, salsa, samba, rumba, merengue, bolero, bomba, praise, techno, march, polka,   and everything else,!  Even a multitude we haven’t heard of yet!  Check out our current catalogue.   We aim to serve every continent, nation, and culture.   If your style of music isn’t represented, and you’d like it to be and you play the drums please reach out to us at

How We Started

If you’re interested in what got us started, check out the post, The primacy of rhythm in popular music

Privacy Policy

Alive Drumming is dedicated to your privacy.  See this page for full details.