– Rhythm Tracks for your song.


What are they?

Song Rhythm Tracks (c) are production-ready, musician’s backing tracks arranged to a song’s form.  Use the Apple iOS mobile app to select, download and play these tracks.

Song Rhythm Tracks are a new type of backing track composed entirely of a rhythmic backing (without any melody or harmony) and arranged for a Song’s musical form.
Do you want a rhythm track that fits a song and sounds alive without learning how to sequence drum loops and all that time-consuming programming? Simply select a rhythm and your song’s form and you’ll receive a top-quality audio Song Rhythm Track arranged for your song.  Add it to your set list for practice or performance. Make selection even easier by sharing song selections from within the app.

Any sample audio?

Sure – on the Sample Audio page.

And you can also get our App pre-installed with some sample tracks with our Sampler Apps

  1. Jazz and Blues Sampler
  2. Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler
  3. Country Music Sampler

What’s the idea of the App?

30 seconds previews of the iOS App using an iPhone 6. Also available for iPhone X and an iPad Pro 12″.

1. Overview / iPhone 6

2. Setlist Features / iPhone6

3. Arrangement Options / iPhone 6

What makes them special?

  1. Great Recordings of Great DrummersSong Rhythm Tracks are arrangements of careful studio recordings of excellent drummers.  They are not constructed from midi files fitting together “samples” from single drum hits to form a mechanical style but rather multiple longer-form full recordings by top studio drummers, lasting up to 8 bars at a time where you hear subtle drum rolls, variations in ride cymbal taps, complex fills and more.  The rhythmic style comes from talented drummers that are very experienced in that particular style be it Reggae, Salsa, Bossa, Rumba, Tango, Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Celtic, Praise & Worship, Blues, and lots more!
  2. There is natural variety promoted over the repeats.  That is a number of recordings of, say, a fill or shot are taken and selectively chosen while sequencing and engineering the final audio.  This provides the natural variety one gets with drummers.  It helps prevent the drumming becoming monotonous and repetitive.
  3. The drummer is outlining many aspects of the song’s form as they play.  This might have a larger contributor than one might imagine.  It is what real drummers do, but drumming software rarely does.   The drumming is indicating
    • When you are returning to the ‘top of the form’ again
    • When your sections are ending and starting again
    • When you are starting or finishing a bridge section
    • Whether you are playing a middle section or, alternatively, the first or last sections.   This not only helps you keep place while you are playing but it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable to listen to or play along with.

All this takes a lot of careful preparation and curation, huge storage, and sophisticated algorithms.   We feel this cannot be achieved on mobile devices themselves which is why our solution involves cloud services working with the mobile App.

Where to get them?

– Rhythm Tracks for your song.


Check out the Song Rhythm Tracks app on the Apple App Store.

How to use the App?

Slides Presentations on using the App

1 – Basic Features

[slideshare id=113242127&doc=basicfeatures-songrhythmtracks-180906201747]

2 – Arranging and Setlists

[slideshare id=113149536&doc=arranging-songrhythmtracks-180906053253]

Single-page User Guide

See this single-page user-guide for a detailed written description of using the iOS App.

Using the iOS Mobile App – Song Rhythm Tracks

Video Tutorials

  • Basic Features – Here is a ~ 7 minute long, Basic Features video tutorial in English showing the English version of the App on an iPhone 6.

  • Arranger and Setlist Features – Here is a ~ 7 minute long, Arranger and Setlists video tutorial in English showing the English version of the App on an iPhone 6.

  • Older Spoken Walk-through – Here is an older walk-through video of the App

For a detailed walk-through of the Song Rhythm Tracks App (release 1.1), check out this 2:30 youtube video complete with a spoken description.


cheat sheet
cheat sheet

Here is a single-sheet PDF with core information for using the app.

Cheatsheet for Song Rhythm Tracks


What is Song Form?

We consider a Song’s (musical) “form” to be simply the sequence of sections that are performed, where each section is identified by its length in bars and whether or not it’s a ‘bridge’.   Don’t be concerned if that appears complicated.   It really isn’t;  you’ll get the idea very quickly.   See this page for a definition and examples.

What does the App look like in action on an iPhone and iPad?

Here’s a 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features demonstrated on an iPad Pro.   No descriptions here just a view of the App in action.

Here’s the same 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features but demonstrated on an iPhone 6.


Here’s the same 30-second youtube preview video of the basic features but demonstrated on an iPad Air2




How does Wikipedia describe Song Rhythm Tracks?

Check out this Wikipedia page