Here is a list of all the rhythmic styles and sub-styles provided by Song Rhythm Tracks.  There are over 250 and each of these may also be represented by multiple instrumentations and also may be represented at multiple tempos, effectively rendering additional rhythms – over 3,700 in all.    The App guides selection by meter (time signature) and rhythmic feel (straight or swinging, 8th or 16th note pulse).

Style Sub-Style
Bluesy Laid back but busy
Bluesy Slow Swinging
Celtic Slip Jig
Blues Modern Hard Shuffle
Bluesy Shuffle
Bluesy Shuffle laid-back
Bossa Brushes & percussion
Bossa Brushes & full drum kit
Bossa Gentle Swinging with percussion
Bossa Swinging Brushes
Bossa Swinging Brushes & Drums
Bossa Brushes only
BossaRock Cool edgy with percussion
BossaRock Cool edgy
BossaRock Cool edgy with full drums
Bossa Sophisticated latin
Bossa + Swing Swinging at ‘B’ sections
ChaCha with percussion
ChaCha Regular
ChaCha with full drums
Country 2Beat
Country Radio-Country & Pop
Country Country-Rock
Country with Train beat
Country Pop
Country Shuffle 12/8 Viva pop & Rock
Country Shuffle 3/4 or 6/8 Viva pop & Rock
Country Shuffle Country Pop & Rock
Country Texas Swing
Country FastTrain
Country Soft Fast train Brushes for Trad Jazz
Country Fast Train
Country Waltz also good for Jazz Waltz
Country Jazz-Waltz
Disco Rock
2-Beat ethnic style
Swing Dance ethnic style
Waltz Relaxed
Fusion sophisticated
Fusion busy and intense
Fusion sophisticated
Fusion with funk
Rock Grungy
Latin Gypsy
Jazz Gypsy
Hip-Hop Pop&Rock
Jazz Trading Fours
Jazz Jazz & Pop 5/4
Jazz Ballad SlowSwing+2atB
Jazz Brushes Trading Fours
Jazz Classic Swing8th
Jazz Waltz with Brushes
Jazz 3/4 with Brushes
Jazz 3/4 Brushes Trading Fours
Jazz Jazz Brushes
Jazz Modern
Funk Groovin
Funk Pop
Jazz Swinging 12/8
Jazz Modern
Jazz Straight Ahead Trading Fours
Jazz 3/4 straight-ahead trading fours
Jazz 3/4 straight ahead
Jazz Straight Ahead
Jazz Swinging shuffling groove
Jazz 3/4 trading fours
Jazz J3/4
Jazz SlowSwing8th+2atB
Jazz Sophisticated Swing
Jazz Standard Swing 8th
Jazz Standard Swing 8th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – busy
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – laid back
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – quick and percussive
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – rock even 8th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – moderate with bells
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – moderate even 8th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – funky
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – hard even 16th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – hard swing 16th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – laid back
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – straight ahead with percussion
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – light
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – quick even 8th
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – laid back with percussion
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – Samba percussion
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – slow latin
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – smooth
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – with tambourines
Pop L.A. Pop Jazz – with cabassa
Mambo Latin with percussion
Mambo Latin with drums
Mambo Latin with drums and percussion
Rock Metal
Country Laid back ballad
Country Laid Back waltz
Country Groovy swinging 16th
Country Ballad Groove
Country Train straight even beat
Country Slow and complex
Country Pop and Rock 6/8
Country 2-beat swinging 8th
Country 2-beat classic country
Country Ballad laid back brushes
Country Shuffle with brushes
Country Pop with brushes
Country Bluegrass with brushes
Country Acoustic swing with brushes
Country Pop & Rock
Country Nashville 1/2 time
Country Pop
Country Shuffle
Country Skip
Country Laid-back Southern
Country Hip-Hop Groove
Country standard Swing 8th
Pop Swinging 12/8
Pop Swinging 9/8
Pop Rock
Pop Light
Pop Rock Waltz with Brushes
Pop Rock Waltz with sidesticks
Pop Rock Waltz with snares
Pop March Waltz
Pop Rock Waltz with Hi-Hats
Pop Rock Waltz with Rides
Pop Shuffle
Pop Pop 3/4
Praise Rock
Praise Pop
Praise Country
Praise Rock
Rock Roots
Rock Lite Rock
Rock LA
Rock Rhythm-and-blues (RnB)
Rock Modern Rock
Rock Modern Waltz
Rock Northern Rock Ballad
Rock Northern Rock
Rock Southern Rock
Rock Texas Blues
Rock Texas Rocks
Rock Straight even 16th
Rock Straight even 8th
Rock Hard
Rock Hard modern
Rock Shuffle SoftRock & Blues
Rock Soft Rock & EasyListening
Rock Complex and swinging
Rock Slow and Heavy Metal
Rumba With percussion
Rumba With drums
Rumba With drums and percussion
Salsa Afro Cuban 6/8 Folk
Salsa Afro Cuban 6/8 Modern
Salsa Afro
Salsa Bachata
Salsa Bolero
Salsa Bomba Fast
Salsa Bomba Medium
Salsa Cha Cha Cha Latin
Salsa Cha Cha Cha
Salsa Conga Folk
Salsa Conga Modern
Salsa Cumbia Folk
Salsa Cumbia Modern
Salsa Guaguanco Folk
Salsa Guaguanco Modern
Salsa Guajira
Salsa Guaracha 23
Salsa Guaracha 32
Salsa Mambo
Salsa Merengue Modern Fast
Salsa Merengue Modern Slow
Salsa Merengue Tipico
Salsa Mozambique Cuban
Salsa Mozambique NY
Salsa Plena Fast
Salsa Plena Medium
Salsa Seis Fast
Salsa Seis Slow
Salsa Son Medium
Salsa Son Montuno 23
Salsa Son Montuno 32
Salsa Son Slow
Salsa Songo
Salsa Timba
Salsa With percussion
Salsa With drums
Salsa With drums and percussion
Samba With percussion
Samba With drums
Samba With drums and percussion
Smooth Jazz Jazz Slow Ballad
Smooth Jazz Jazz Medium Ballad
Smooth Jazz Jazz Ballad
Smooth Jazz Jazz hip-hop
Soul Pop 70’s
Soul Pop 70’s with percussion
Soul Pop 60’s
Tango Latin
Techo Ambiance
Techo Beat
Techo Bohn
Techo Craftek
Techo Dance
Techo Electro
Techo Grime
Techo Harp
Techo IDM
Techo Indy
Techo JungleBass
Techo LCD
Techo Quick
Techo Radio
Techo Rave
Techo Samba
Techo Sil
Techo Slimcut
Techo Slow
Techo Wildnout
Country March or polka
Country Relaxed Groove
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop Shopping
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop broken wires
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop city slick
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop climbing
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop drama
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop slow and hard
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop uplift
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop good girl
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop requiem
Pop Techno & Hip-Hop urban folk
Pop meter = 11/8
rock meter = 11/8
Pop meter = 13/8
Jazz meter = 14/8
Pop meter = 15/16
Pop meter = 19/16
Fusion meter = 24/16
Pop meter = 12/8
Bossa meter = 6/8
JazzWaltz meter = 6/8
Jazz Funk meter = 7/8
Rock meter = 7/8
Pop meter = 7/8
Jazz meter = 9/8
Pop meter = 9/8
Rock meter = 9/8
Reggae Pop