Alive Drumming originated from one person’s desire to have a much better experience of creating and playing high-quality rhythm tracks arrangements as an accompaniment to their practice, playing and performance.  Once achieved this lead to a desire to share that experience.

That desire continues with Alive Drumming Organisation whose mission is to bring convenient and superb quality rhythmic backing to the world across all languages and cultures and for all genres of percussion and drumming.

We see our mission as a service to all musicians to promote better music, better and more enjoyable practice and better performances.

We are intrinsically multi-cultural, sharing every rhythm with the world.

We do not supply drum loops; We supply complete musician-ready arranged rhythmic backing backs for your songs.   Our aim to make these tracks more accessible to everyone by adopting more natural languages, mobile platforms, and rhythms and to lead the way on a standardization of the language describing the musical form of rhythmic backing (SongForm).