Drumming close-up

It is almost October 2021 and Alive Drumming’s premier iOS app, “Song Rhythm Tracks” has changed to the “unlimited downloads” commercial model.

Alive Drumming’s journey with Song Rhythm Tracks is almost five years in; starting with a desire to provide an easy-to-use mobile app for creating rhythmic backing tracks, Alive Drumming continues to add more and more usability features with every iteration of the app. This year Alive Drumming takes a new turn with a new commercial model for the app and a new product on the horizon.

Reducing Friction

We feel our backing tracks are the highest quality and most flexible backing tracks available, with usability features in a class of their own. There has always been some friction for musicians using these tracks, partly because the arrangement approach is new and partly because of the cost model of effectively charging per track. We are changing that now, with version 4.1’s move to unlimited downloads for the current app and our design of a new product that will adopt a Netflix-like low service fee for downloading limitless pre-built tracks.

We hope this will accelerate the adoption of Song Rhythm Tracks and help many more musicians enjoy great backing every time they practice, jam or gig.

Get the 4.1 version of Song Rhythm Tracks now, and keep a lookout for the release of our new Rhythm Tracks Collective product.