Here is such a key concept behind Song Rhythm Tracks

The drumming always, always needs to follow the form of the song

Drummers know this;   Amateurish use of rhythm tracks often don’t.

No getting around it, if you accompany someone on the drums you need to always be outlining the song’s form and if you arrange your own rhythm tracks, you need to do the same.

Mambo Inn
Mambo Inn” arrangements – A chord chart showing the song form of 32-bar AABA ( i.e. 8|8/8|8) and the same song form shown in the Song Rhythm Track where 3 choruses are played with an 8-bar introduction.  


That’s why Alive Drumming‘s Song Rhythm Tracks always uses the song’s form as the basis of the arrangement.  It creates a great arrangement principally by structuring everything around the song’s form.

That’s why unstructured rhythm tracks just won’t do!

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