What song forms does Alive Drumming support?

Alive Drumming support all the popular, essential song forms by name – 12 bar blues, 16 bar tune, 32-bar A1A2, 32-bar AABA and about 30 other less common also by name.   We also support identifying these same song forms and any other form, using stick notation.  This simply specifies section lengths in bars, for example, ‘8|8/8|8’, where ‘bridge‘ sections are preceded by a slanting stick, ‘/’,  instead of a vertical one, ‘|’.

Additionally, we support complex user-defined song forms using stick notation, with repeats, and concatenation of up to four (4) parts.  This allows for a truly huge flexibility.  They all may include an introduction and ending section as well.   See the Song Rhythm Tracks user guide for more information.

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