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The Importance of Play-Along Tracks in Music Practice

The Australian Government recognises the significance and value of music in fostering cultural expression and contributing to the economy. 

In 2019, the music sector contributed $1.7 billion to the GDP, with potential for growth given the right platforms and practices, states the Government’s “Australian Music Industry” report. 

One unique and influential aspect in bolstering this growth is play-along tracks

Most people might associate these with an artist’s music recording process, but they offer profound enrichment to music learning and practice.

Popular tools like Band In A Box and iReal Pro have been conducive but seem too formulaic to some. The real essence lies in playing along with masterful renditions of seasoned artistsoffering joy and a priceless learning experience,”says music enthusiast, Flynn Lawson of YouTube To MP3.

The importance of play-along tracks in music practice:

1. Enhances Musical Skills

Play-along tracks help to sharpen various musical skills. 

These tracks pave the way to practice rhythm, melody, and harmony in real-time, fostering an in-depth musical understanding. 

The natural, dynamic feeling of performing alongside a talented musician’s rendition of a musical piece helps to hone the students’ interpretative skills and musical intuition.

2. Supports Self-Expression

Playing along with recordings of talented musicians allows one to connect personally with the music, fostering expressive capabilities. 

It helps discover one’s unique musical voice, resonate with the piece’s emotion, and communicate these effectively through performance.

3. Aids in Fixing Mistakes

With play-along tracks, musicians identify and rectify their mistakes on the spot

The immediate feedback helps players to detect off-beats, wrong notes, or other areas of improvement. 

This instant detection and correction instil better playing habits and contributes to steady musical growth.

4. Promotes Versatility

Another critical advantage of play-along tracks is the exposure to different music styles

Individual tracks will likely embody various genres, cultures, and traditions, thus coaxing musicians out of their comfort zones. 

This versatile exposure broadens the musical vision and cultivates adaptability.

5. Rehearses Performance-like Scenarios

Play-along tracks re-create the vibe of a live performance. 

Practising with these tracks helps musicians become accustomed to the performance dynamic – following the tempo, maintaining sync, and imparting feelings. 

This role-play aids in confronting stage fright and boosts confidence when actually performing.

6. Provides Enjoyment and Motivation

Above all, playing along with recordings of talented musicians makes music practice so enjoyable

It breaks the monotony of routine practice, injecting a thrill of playing with a virtual ‘band’. 

This fun-filled learning stimulates enthusiasm and motivation, fostering a more profound love for the music.

Fine Tune Your Practice With NetTracks

NetTracks from Alive Drumming is the musician’s store for play-along tracks, with 1000s of high-quality tracks of artists’ recordings from Alive Drumming and other vendors. It is the ideal way to find, download and play great play-along tracks. The Apple app has helpful metadata, a superb audio player and setlists. Just what one needs to take advantage of the best play-along.

Alive Drumming is a hub for non-classical musicianship, offering various resources to enhance your understanding of contemporary songs and particularly their rhythms. 

Explore rhythm recordings and experience the convenience of Song Rhythm Tracks through the NetTracks app. 

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— Article from guest contributor Jude Young.

Unleashing Your Musical Potential with NetTracks

Unleashing Your Musical Potential with NetTracks: A Deep Dive into Alive Drumming’s Innovative App – By Jude Young

The Australian government outlines that COVID-19 heavily disrupted the live music sector. There is an 80 per cent fall in the number of promoted events from 35,800 in 2019 to just 7,300 in 2020.

“Backtracks in music provide a reliable base for live performances, enriching the experience for artists and audiences. It enables intricate arrangements, accompaniments, and soundscapes that may be challenging to recreate using only live instruments,” says music enthusiast Flynn Lawson of YouTube To MP3—Australia’s most successful affiliate partner online. 

Technology continues to redefine how musicians create, practice, and perform. One such revolutionary innovation is the NetTracks app by Alive Drumming, a tool that has completely transformed the concept of backing tracks. 

Take a comprehensive look at the capabilities and benefits of this remarkable app:

1. Personalised Customisation For Musical Expression

NetTracks is an innovative app enabling musicians to personalise backing tracks to their musical preferences, encompassing styles, tempos, and song structures. It clarifies arrangements, including intro/outro section lengths and form repetitions. 

NetTracks offers a sophisticated Backing Track Player, allowing users to control volume, stereo balance, fade endings, and start-ups, enhancing their ability to deliver polished and captivating live performances.

2. User-Friendly Interface And Seamless Integration

Navigating through a complex app can be a frustrating experience, especially when your focus should be on the music. NetTracks understands this concern and presents an intuitive interface that guides musicians effortlessly. The user-friendly controls ensure that even those less familiar with technology can access its features without impediments.

Furthermore, NetTracks seamlessly integrates with Apple devices, elevating the user experience to new heights. The compatibility with iOS devices creates a synergy, ensuring musicians can access their personalised backing tracks consistently across their devices. This integration enhances convenience and promotes a seamless transition from practice to performance.

3. Real-time Accompaniment

Practising with a live band can be a transformative experience, yet only sometimes readily available. NetTracks bridges this gap by offering real-time accompaniment for musicians.

4. Nurturing Musical Growth Through Exploration

Exploration is at the heart of musical evolution. NetTracks encourages musicians to go beyond their comfort zones and embark on new musical journeys. The vast selection of backing tracks with the ability to customise them serves as a springboard for creativity. Musicians can experiment with different musical genres, tempos, and arrangements, fostering a culture of curiosity and artistic exploration that propels their musical growth.

5. Reducing Friction For Enhanced Accessibility

NetTracks is a streaming service for backing tracks, increasing accessibility by eliminating barriers. Unlike the traditional channels of purchasing CDs or downloads, the app’s subscription model grants musicians instant access to backing tracks. This approach reduces obstacles, allowing musicians to concentrate on their craft.

Unleash Your Musical Creativity With Personalised Backing Tracks

NetTracks app empowers musicians to focus on their passion and explore their creative boundaries. Whether you are a budding artist ready to embark on your musical journey or an experienced performer seeking to refine your skills, NetTracks is the tool that will guide you toward unlocking your full musical potential.

Alive Drumming is a trailblazing organisation delivering top-notch rhythmic backing tracks that breathe life into your music. NetTracks’ powerful setlist feature, seamless searching and ordering and a musician’s audio player, with configurable fade endings and per-track volume control, help curate and arrange tracks suited to your songs. 

Contact Alive Drumming at  marketing@alive-drumming.org for more information and get to know Alive Drumming—one of Australia’s rhythmic backing tracks and services providers.